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Jack Sweeney is editor in chief of Middle-Market Executive. He is the former editor in chief of Business Finance Magazine and recent editorial director for The CFO Alliance. Jack was the founding editor of Consulting magazine today owned by Bloomberg L.P. He served as editor of Integration Management and Washington Technology, both published by The Washington Post Cos. He can be reached at jack.sweeney@middlemarketexecutive.com.

052: The Fruits of a Transaction-Based Model, Sanjay Govil, Chairman, Infinite Computer Solutions

It's no secret that the worlds of computer software and services have converged, allowing a new class of technology firms to gain a competitive edge as they apply a laserlike focus on renewable revenues. Join us when Sanjay Govil, founder and chairman of Infinite Computer Solutions, explains how the adoption of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business…
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051: Inside the Data Maze, Mark Gross, CEO, Data Conversion Laboratory

Once upon a time, before the words "big data" became a popular buzz phrase, a small but growing firm identified a quickly emerging business opportunity.  Join us when Mark Gross, CEO of Data Conversion Laboratory, explains how DCL entered the ranks of middle-market businesses by pursuing a no-holds-barred data conversion vision. Podcast extra: MME: Over…
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Creating a Dynamic Finance Function, Rich Pirrotta, CFO, Logicalis

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The Fruits of e-Government Ambitions, Maury Blackman, CEO, Accela

  Imagine if your client portfolio included 2,200 communities worldwide, including over half of America’s largest cities.  Join us when Maury Blackman, CEO, Accela, explains how connecting citizens to government agencies around the world has steadily advanced his middle-market firm's fortunes . MMTL: Over the next 12 months, what are the top priorities for this…
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Inside a World of Rentals, Peter Handal, CEO Smart Source

What’s it like being in the computer and audio visual rental business these days?  Join us when Peter Handal, CEO, Smart Source, explains how a national footprint and  a keen focus on logistics allows Smart Source to respond to the ebb-and-flow of demand for short- or medium-term technology rentals.
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MIDMARKET MINUTE: Paying For Performance, Rick Roussin, CEO, Coast to Coast

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As More Midmarket CFOs Sharpen Their Customer Focus, More Are Smitten with the Cloud

A business realm long populated by headstrong entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses, the middle market is experiencing a wave of technology adoption that seems intent on further upending the traditional laws of business competition as it diminishes the size advantage that large enterprise companies have long enjoyed. When it comes to the middle market’s growing appetite […]

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Why All Business is Local, Will Fleming, CEO, MotionPoint Corp.

What types of challenges do companies face when selling online to consumers in foreign markets? Join us when Will Fleming, CEO, MotionPoint Corp., explains how helping businesses to translate, communicate and sell their products and services to foreign consumers became his own firm’s growth formula. ¤  
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As IT Spending Drives Bigger Returns, CFOs Seek New Metrics

It wasn’t too long ago that IT spend as a percent of revenue was the time-honored metric of choice among finance executives determined to keep their firm’s IT spending within the light of day. In fact, many finance chiefs arguably still rely on the metric to provide a quick snapshot of their firm’s appetite for […]

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Flying High, Drones Plus Becomes the Mid-Market’s First Drone Retailer, Mike Thorpe, CoFounder, Drones Plus

What’s it like to join the ranks of middle market firms only 18 months after first being established? Join us when Mike Thorpe, co-owner, Drones Plus, North America’s largest drone retailer, explains how business as usual is all about managing growth. ¤
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