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221: Keeping an Edge as M&A Drives Growth | Sudhakar Kesavan, CEO, ICF

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“Another area on which we are quite focused is making certain that we continue to hire the right people at the senior level. We have a digital and technology services practice, which is only going to become more and more important over the next five to ten years because everyone wants more citizen engagement, customer engagement, and client engagement. The question becomes: How do you use social media and digital means to achieve that on environmental issues and energy efficiency issues? I think that our clients are looking for more sophisticated ways to use digital media and social media to more efficiently reach their clients and sell their services. I think that getting the right talent to serve these clients is going to be an important priority for us.” –Sudhakar Kesavan

Guest: Suhakar Kesavan, Chairman & CEO

Company: ICF

Connect: www.icf.com


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