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219: The Lean-Minded Company | Michael DeCata, CEO, Lawson Products


Mike DeCata’s sentences bear the flawless cadence of a seasoned General Electric manager without a word misplaced or deployed without purpose. While his direct and focused manner is one that many CEOs share, his career path to the middle-market C-suite was more uncommon. Still, it did include a familiar chapter in the private equity world, where he undoubtedly acquired his appetite for middle-market business-building—a hunger that he is now satisfying as president and CEO of Lawson Products of Chicago. Join us as Mike reveals how this supplier of industry products is opening a new chapter of growth.

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A Foot on the Growth Accelerator

“We have customer relationships across every market segment, from Fortune 10 companies down to companies with 10 employees, so we now plan to use that success as a springboard to additional customers by staying the course, but faster. We have put infrastructure into the company. We feel like we’re now well refined, and it’s time for the foot on the gas. Let’s just do what we do and do it faster.”

Guest: Mike DeCata, CEO

Company: Lawson Products

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Contact: www.lawson Producst.com     (twitter) @lawson_products

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