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068: Selling Advice for a Piece of the Action, Joe Bizzarro, CEO, Vizant

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While the system of management known as gainsharing comes in many flavors, few businesses have used the approach to disarm its traditional competitors as effectively as consulting disrupter Vizant. Join us when Vizant CEO Joe Bizzarro shares his unique consulting mind-set and explains how his firm is driving growth by redefining client relationships.

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Over the next 12 months, what will be your top priorities?

Joe: You know, number one, it’s going to be branding of the business. We have a very strong recognition in certain sectors but we’re very weak in others, so continued branding of the business through public relations, thought leadership, etc. Talent acquisition is right up there, building our talent. Again, we’re going to double our workforce this year. That’s a pretty heavy thing to do. And then, the third is what I call “controlled growth,” which is, because of a very long revenue cycle—and when I say that, I mean that from the time we sign a client until the time we generate revenue is very long—it’s important that we continue to grow at the rates we have in the last two years and to satisfy our investors by having that growth be profitable. So, balancing. When I say “controlled growth,” what that means is balancing the short-, mid-, and long-term demands of the business and its investors. Those are my big three.

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