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216: Milestones for Achieving Double-Digit Growth | Nicole Latimer, CEO, StayWell


Few companies inside the wellness community have achieved a strut comparable to that being wielded by StayWell of St. Paul, MN. Having acquired three companies within two years, the firm has an appetite for growth that shows few signs of being satisfied, as CEO Nicole Latimer appears to be considering future acquisitions as well as organic growth.

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“So, when I think of the challenge before us, it is balancing short-term operational questions, such as ‘How do I make sure that everyone is executing as well as possible?,’ with longer-term ones like ‘How do I carve out enough time and think far enough ahead strategically to ensure that the next two or three innovations or the next two or three strategic acquisitions are getting keyed up?'” –Nicole Latimer, CEO, StayWell


Guest: Nicole Latimer

Company: StayWell

Headquartered: St. Paul, MN

Contact:  www.staywell.com   (twitter) @StayWellCompany

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