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220: The York Chapter: A Midsize Agency Comes of Age | Travis York, CEO, GYK Antler

Join us when Travis York explains the mix of entrepreneurial passions and business-building insight that led him to purchase a marketing agency based in Manchester, New Hampshire, and propel it into the ranks of midsize companies.

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No Exit in Sight

“A number of the things that we’re doing fly directly in the face of what you would be doing if you were exit-oriented. First and foremost, we are an open book, so we share our finances openly. Second, we’ve diversified our offerings, so as opposed to a lot of firms that go really deep into one specialty to fill a gap or go really deep into an industry to be desirable to a acquiring firm, we’ve gone across five industries very intentionally and about 10 services very intentionally.”

Guest: Travis York, CEO

Company: GYK Antler

Headquartered: Manchester, NH

Contact:  www.gykantler.com (twitter) @GYKAntler

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