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Episode #113

Julie Strong, CEO, C1S Group, Inc.

Inspiring Growth-Minded
Business Leaders

Middle Market Thought Leader is about inspiring business leaders to take a leadership leap by opening a new chapter of growth for their middle-market companies. We know that by learning from the failures, Ah-ha! moments, and successes of other middle-market business leaders,
you can take inspired action.

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187: Putting Generations To Work | John Waldron, CEO, Waldron Private Wealth

John Waldron built a business by helping other business owners navigate the complexities of their growing wealth.  Join us when John describes the opportunity he first identified and the unique customer approach that has propelled Waldron Private Wealth into the ranks of middle market firms. “At the beginning, I had three founding principles. One was I…
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Talent Top-of-Mind: Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company Industry: Textiles Headquarters: Duquesne, PA Family-Owned “Finding talent has been one area where we’ve enjoyed success. The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and other educational institutions have provided this area with a great pool of young talent to bring in and develop. Hopefully, when a newly graduated person comes […]

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186: Three Business Builders & the Power of T.A.M.

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185: Three Tales of Growth Inside the Healthcare Realm

  "Today we're in about 30 percent of the hospitals in the United States. We've got about 1,600 hospitals (as customers) and over 120 health systems. All the big health systems in the country are using our product. … It was sort of a breakthrough technology. We were really alone in the market for two-plus years,…
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Jim VanSteenhouse: Attracting Talent and Enforcing Culture at InterLinc Mortgage

Thought Leader Debrief Jim VanSteenhouse is the CEO of InterLinc Mortgage, one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in the Southeast. At InterLinc, VanSteenhouse says that being “compliance-bulletproof” and recruiting the best talent are top priorities when it comes to driving business growth. In 2004, VanSteenhouse was in a partnership that wasn’t going well. When the […]

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184: Seven CEOs Share Their Business Growth Priorities

"We want to dominate every single market segment that we choose to participate in. And we've been successful doing that. We want to develop really new exciting innovative products which we're working on. We will now launch a few new things and we want to make strategic acquisitions along the way where it makes the most…
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183: The Maverick of Residential Cleaning | Ron Holt, CEO, Two Maids & A Mop

Join us when Ron Holt, founder and CEO of Two Maids & A Mop, explains how an employee pay-for-performance plan proved to be the workforce octane that he needed to incentivize and motivate his people and distinguish the company's offerings. Learn how the decision to franchise triggered a critical pivot and swung open the door to expansion into…
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How “One-on-One” Physician Access Became Advance Medical’s Growth Trigger

Thought Leader Debrief Michael Hough is the founder and executive vice president of Advance Medical, a company specializing in human resource services that provides client companies with one-on-one access to physician case managers via a digital portal and phone service. The service is designed to offer the employees of client companies a second opinion on their primary physician’s […]

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182: Thicker Than Water | A Look Inside Family-Owned Businesses

"We are between $200 million and $500 million in revenue—squarely in the middle-market space. We have five operations around the United States, a custom operation in El Salvador, a product development and sourcing office and quality control office in Shanghai, China. Our product development leadership is in Morrisville, North Carolina. American Textile started in 1925.…
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The Afterpod | Matthew Bertulli, CEO, Demac Media

MMTL: Along the way, you've made a lot of hires, so we're going to ask you, "How do you make a great hire?" Matt: We follow this principle that we picked up in a book called Traction, by a guy named Gino Wickman. It's an operating system for businesses called the EOS. We follow their…
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