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Jay Van Orden of Worldwide Supply

Inspiring Growth-Minded
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Middle Market Thought Leader is about inspiring business leaders to take a leadership leap by opening a new chapter of growth for their middle-market companies. We know that by learning from the failures, Ah-ha! moments, and successes of other middle-market business leaders,
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What Manufacturers Need to Know About Sourcing From Asia

When it comes to choosing the right manufacturer for a new product, many companies think of Asia first. And with good reason – Asia-based manufacturing can be remarkably cost-effective and strategically smart. There are several important points to keep in mind when looking to source from Asia. Not being aware of the challenges inherent to […]

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Cyber Attacks: The Sum of All Fears for Middle-Market Business Owners, Jason Witty, Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Bank

"There have been some obvious hacking attacks where theft is the motivator. There have also been, simultaneously, in the past 18 to 24 months, people whose motivation is just simply disruption. They’re looking to disrupt the network, or they’re looking to just make it difficult for a company to run or make it difficult for…
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090: When Business Growth Equals Personal Growth, Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion

The rise of a middle-market business houses a multitude of stories, but few are as compelling as that of a founder who strives to stay in step with a quickly expanding enterprise. Entrepreneurial "exits" are the accepted rite of passage for many firms when one-time leaders quietly stomach the unspoken notion that their creations may have in…
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What Are Your Growth Priorities? Jim Taylor, CEO, Falcon Steel

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089: When Growth Priorities Equal People, Walker White, President, BDNA

Join us when Walker White, President of BDNA shares his growth mind-set and reveals how the fast-growing data solutions company drives employee performance by creating transparency around the pursuit of common goals. "On a quarterly basis, we are publishing the primary goals of the organization, who owns those goals and how we track the progress.…
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How Have You Addressed Company Growth Obstacles? | Michael MacDonald, CEO, Medifast, Inc.

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088: Revving the Middle Market’s Serial Reinvention Engine

The path beyond $20 million in annual sales requires risk taking and numerous wrong turns, and so it goes for these seasoned business leaders who endeavor to have their middle-market firms achieve serial reinvention. .
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My Growth Priorities: Ken Makovsky, CEO, Makovsky Integrated Communications

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities for this middle-market firm? Ken: I would say that our digital growth is a priority, making digital a part of almost everything that we do. We started something called Skylabs, which is an innovation laboratory. That is supposed to help clients develop new, innovative thinking about […]

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How do you make a good hire? Tillie Hidalgo Lima, CEO, Best Upon Request

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My Growth Priorities: CEO Chris Reed of Soft Drink Upstart Reed’s Inc.

  Reed: We acquired top channels from the beverage industry to come in here, and we’re putting two new facilities on-board that make it a lot more economical to produce our products with a lot more efficiency. They’re designed for our products specifically, and bringing in-house some stuff that we were contracting out. So, we […]

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