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222: Bringing Efficiencies at Scale | Ed O’Brien, CEO, eMoney Advisor

Join us when Ed O’Brien, CEO of eMoney Advisor, explains how new technologies are redefining how customer relationships are established and grown—opening the door to growth opportunities that many traditional competitors have failed to see.

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Adding Elbow Room and Flexibility

“We opened up new offices—one in San Diego, one in Providence, Rhode Island—and that has broadened our geographic reach for talent. We also added remote work options, allowing folks—depending on their skillset, their level, and what level of autonomy their role requires—to work from two to five days a week remotely. These moves have definitely opened up our ability to draw good talent.”

Guest: Ed O’Brien, CEO

Company: eMoney Advisor

Headquarters: Radnor, PA

Contact: www.emoneyadvisor.com    (twitter) @eMoneyAdvisor

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