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010: Topgolf Tees Up Ambitious Growth Agenda, Randy Starr, COO

randy-starr-01What are the telltale signs that a middle-market firm is opening a new chapter of growth? Join us as Randy Starr, COO of Topgolf, reveals the market opportunity and strategic insights that are allowing Topgolf to open an exciting new chapter of middle-market growth.

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Growth: The Ah-Hah Moment

MMTL: Please tell us about an Ah-hah moment, a moment of strategic insight that led you and your team to open a new chapter of growth for the company.

STARR: Well, I’d say we picked a design from food standpoint. So, we had a Christmas party in 2008 or 2009 and we had it at one of the upper upscale bowling alleys that’s called Pinstripes. We know their CEO, Dale Schwartz, he’s a great, great guy and a very good leader and he’s got a great concept. It’s outside of Chicago. I was just blown away by the design and how it made me feel. It didn’t feel like you’re walking in a bowling alley. It’s like you’re walking into a destination restaurant, entertainment, indoor-outdoor field that just happened to have bowling. I said, “You know what? They’re on to something here.” The people are experiencing this in a different way. They’re getting people who want to be entertained but also want to have good food and a quality experience, we saw them, they were filled with corporate groups, people having Christmas parties.

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