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Toward accomplishing our mission, we specialize in understanding how stories are shared in the connected economy and then replicating the conditions that trigger message sharing.

Middle-Market Executive’s CFO Thought Leader Network: Our Journey

Hello … Jack Sweeney here, editor in chief of Middle-Market Executive. download-11When we first launched Middle-Market Executive, we had little idea of the vastness of the undertaking to which we were dedicating ourselves. However, we did know that if we spoke to enough middle-market business owners, CEOs, and CFOs, we would soon unearth some common ground on which to better engage our audience.

And just as we have long been assured that all roads lead to Rome, no matter what path a middle-market firm may be advancing down, there’s little question that the roads all lead to capital and to the corporate finance officers tasked with accessing, managing, and investing it.

Whether in a private or publicly held business or partnership, family-owned or otherwise, a middle-market firm’s finance leader has in many ways a more transformative role than that of a CFO employed by a large corporation. In addition to leading the finance function, the CFO may also take on the role of a CIO, CTO, HR leader, real estate manager, and more.

Here’s where we had a moment of insight. Our thought was that emerging technologies could help us to share the lessons of this new ilk of middle-market finance leaders, but do so in their actual voice. Going forward, Middle-Market Executive would become home to a CFO Thought Leader Network, an ever-expanding group of middle-market finance leaders determined to contribute their story to a larger collective narrative for the middle market — a narrative that is finally exposing for us the common ground where capital and growth meet.





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