Middle-Market Executive is a dynamic content platform designed to engage and empower middle market business leaders. We believe middle-market businesses share distinct characteristics, priorities and challenges, and it is our editorial mission to help middle market executives perform more effectively as they advance a new narrative for the middle market — one that exposes their contribution to the economic growth of communities across the country.

Secondly, we specialize in understanding how stories are shared in the connected economy and then replicating those conditions that trigger sharing.

Our Editor

Jack Sweeney is editor in chief of Middle-Market Executive, a content platform designed to empower and engage middle market business leaders.

As a career journalist and content strategist, Jack is today helping pioneer the use of social media channels to advance virtual interaction and knowledge sharing between middle-market business leaders, subject matter experts and marketers.

With a background of more than 20 years in print and online journalism, Jack has written extensively about finance, management consulting, information technology and public policy Jack is the former editor in chief of Business Finance Magazine and the founding editor of Consulting magazine. He served as editor of Integration Management and Washington Technology, both published by The Washington Post Cos. Prior to the Post, he worked as a reporter for CMP Media in London.

Jack lives outside of New York City with his wife and two children.