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People, Capital, & Continuous Monitoring | Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal

MME: What are your priorities when it comes to growing this middle-market business over the next 12 months? “My job is to resource the company, people, and capital, and maybe technology if that’s needed, but it’s mostly people, because my priority is to grow this business globally as fast as I can, point one. Point […]

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130: When Talent and Capital Are Priority One | Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal

Having invested in 53 companies including over a dozen cybersecurity ventures, Ray Rothrock took on the CEO role at RedSeal confident that he could redirect the company's security offerings to a more fruitful opportunity.  Three years later the career venture capitalist appears to have done just that having returned RedSeal to profitability and year-over-year growth.…
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127: Revving Up the Hydrogen Economy | Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power

It was perhaps less than a decade ago that the main byproduct of hydrogen fuel cells was buzz and more buzz. Join us when Andy Marsh explains how the adoption of new fuel technologies is gaining momentum making Plug Power an early leader within the ranks of high growth solution providers. Guest: Andy Marsh, CEO Company:…
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126: Building an Enduring Firm | David Macknin CEO, Alper Services

Join us when David Macknin explains how the insurance industry's M&A activity has allowed Alper Services to set itself apart, as it nurtures a culture designed to propel the firm's fortunes for the next 50 years. Guest: David Macknin, CEO Company: Alper Services Headquartered: Chicago Ownership: Privately Held Contacts: www.alperservices.com   @alperservices (Twitter)    
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092: When a Middle-Market Firm Wields a Worldview |Rajesh Makhija, CEO, Mphasis Wyde

Join us when Rajesh Makhija, CEO, Mphasis Wyde, explains how his firm's “deep vertical expertise” in the insurance sector and global footing is opening a new chapter of growth for the middle-market firm currently operating with 250 employees. Mphasis Wyde parent company Mphasis of Bangalore India made news in April, when HP agreed to sell its majority stake…
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What Manufacturers Need to Know About Sourcing From Asia

When it comes to choosing the right manufacturer for a new product, many companies think of Asia first. And with good reason – Asia-based manufacturing can be remarkably cost-effective and strategically smart. There are several important points to keep in mind when looking to source from Asia. Not being aware of the challenges inherent to […]

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My Growth Priorities: Ken Makovsky, CEO, Makovsky Integrated Communications

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities for this middle-market firm? Ken: I would say that our digital growth is a priority, making digital a part of almost everything that we do. We started something called Skylabs, which is an innovation laboratory. That is supposed to help clients develop new, innovative thinking about […]

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Is your middle market business deeply rooted within its community? Mary Miller, CEO, Jancoa, Cincinnati, OH

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My Growth Priorities: Clark Twiddy, CEO, Twiddy & Company

MMTL: Over the next 12 months, what are your top priorities for this middle market business? Clark Twiddy: It’s funny you asked that. We had a department meeting last week in which we talked about our top five going forward. In no particular order, it’s to continue the mission and vision of the company, to […]

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078: Lessening the Overseas Bite for American Manufacturers, Mark Dohnalek, CEO, Pivot International

The pitch is simple: Maximize your Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for new product development. However, the global supply chain behind the pitch is anything but simple.  Join us when Mark Dohnalek CEO, Pivot International explains why his manufacturing design firm has an edge few other middle market firms can match.
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