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My 2016 Growth Priorities: Troy Helming, CEO, Prestine Sun

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities for growing your middle-market business? Troy Helming: That’s an easy one. Our top priorities are to get our capital structure finalized for the next 7 years of growth, which means, Let’s go out and get a fair amount of equity raised. We’re going to raise at […]

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My 2016 Growth Priorities: Jim Taylor, CEO, Falcon Steel Company

Over the next 12 months, what are the top priorities for this middle-market business? Jim Taylor: For us, it’s the recapitalization and bringing new money in, number one. Two, using that new money to help us upgrade some of our equipment processes. Three, finish our enterprise software system. It was started by prior management years […]

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068: Selling Advice for a Piece of the Action, Joe Bizzarro, CEO, Vizant

While the system of management known as gainsharing comes in many flavors, few businesses have used the approach to disarm its traditional competitors as effectively as consulting disrupter Vizant. Join us when Vizant CEO Joe Bizzarro shares his unique consulting mind-set and explains how his firm is driving growth by redefining client relationships. Over the…
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064: Mining SMB’s Energy Savings Sweet Spot, Daniel Gold, CEO, Future Energy Solutions

  Join us when Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold shares his middle-market mind-set as he pulls back on the reins of his fast-growing energy start-up just long enough to prep the firm for its next chapter of headstrong growth. Over the next 12 months, what will be your top priorities for this middle-market business?…
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061: A Biotech Startup with a Middle-Market Mindset, Nikolaos Tezapsidis, CEO, Neurotez

The business opportunity surrounding a new drug aspiring to treat Alzheimers disease would seem rather obvious, but the path to commercialization inside the biotech realm is seldom without obstacles.  Join us when Nikolaos Tezapsidis, CEO of Neurotez, discusses the promising drug and the obstacles he has yet to address.   Nik's Site
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060: Sinking Roots Beneath a Scalable Sun, Troy Helming, CEO, Pristine Sun

When Troy Helming created Pristine Sun in 2009, the renewable energy start-up began pursuing multiple paths to growth — an approach the firm soon modified after striking a rich vein of activity inside a fruitful niche market. Join us as Troy explains his firm's unique opportunity and the hardy capital investments that are required to…
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How Technology Business Management (TBM) is Remedying the Middle-Market’s M&A Blues

Middle market CIOs and CFOs face an uphill challenge in creating value in the midst of an M&A initiative; deals may not meet their expected valuation if cost transparency is not evident, analytics are not in place, and if IT and the business are not aligned. Technology Business Management (TBM) and IT analytics will help […]

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Tune Out This Election Dialog If You’re Looking to Sell in 2016

Election year for the corporate community can be defined by one word: limbo. This kind of environment can be restrictive for middle market companies considering an exit, as political uncertainty can make decisions more difficult on both the buy and sell sides of a transaction. But democracy reigns in America. This year, business owners can […]

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056: Once Upon a Time in the Land of Takeout, Shane Broussard, Owner & Founder, The Bike Waiter

Inside the rough-and-tumble world of on-demand delivery, few companies are arguably as innovative as The Bike Waiter. Join us when Shane Broussard, owner and founder of this upstart food delivery service, exposes the intersection of two-wheel transportation and the digital world as he shares his growth priorities for his middle-market business. Over the next 12 months,…
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049: Inside a World of Rentals, Peter Handal, CEO Smart Source

What’s it like being in the computer and audio visual rental business these days?  Join us when Peter Handal, CEO, Smart Source, explains how a national footprint and  a keen focus on logistics allows Smart Source to respond to the ebb-and-flow of demand for short- or medium-term technology rentals.
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