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My Growth Priorities: CEO Chris Reed of Soft Drink Upstart Reed’s Inc.

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Reed: We acquired top channels from the beverage industry to come in here, and we’re putting two new facilities on-board that make it a lot more economical to produce our products with a lot more efficiency. They’re designed for our products specifically, and bringing in-house some stuff that we were contracting out.

So, we look forward to great improvements in margin, and applying those new found profits into some more aggressive marketing. But probably just hiring a lot more sales people, because we just have so much up and down the street business coming our way right now. We’re putting in a lot of infrastructure to make it work better during this time.

I’ve brought on the senior VP of operations from Doctor Pepper, and then a CFO recently who’d been a big finance guy at Pepsi. So, it’s just changing things very fast here. These guys move fast, they know where we’re going, and now I’ve got very high level of support here.


026: Scaling a Gourmet Soft Drink Business With No Venture Aftertaste, Chris Reed, Reed’s Inc.

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