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My 12-Month Growth Priorities | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities when it comes to growing this middle-market firm?

“We are really going to be building out our brand portfolio. We’ve been very successful over the years when it comes to building our private label business, which we’re proud of. We are going to continue to grow and focus on it. One of the areas that we would like to become more meaningful in is relationships, strategic relationships, with different brands.

“We have our own brand now, “Aller-Eze,” which is our allergen barrier line of business in which we’ll be investing very significantly over the years to come. We are also partners with Sealy and Tempur-Pedic, and those are going to be brands that we’ll be investing in as well, in conjunction with our private label business. And there are a few others that are in the queue. So, we like to strike a nice balance between the private label business we do and the branded partnerships that we have.

“We think that provides us opportunities to go to different channels and to be in different categories in different ways by having sort of both of those options available to us. So that’s our strategy right now going forward for growth in the foreseeable future.” —Lance Ruttenberg, CEO

Listen to our Interview with Lance HERE

Company: American Textile Company

Industry:  Textile

Headquarters: Duquesne, PA

Ownership: Privately held

Contact: www.americantextile.com  (Twitter)

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