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My Growth Priorities: Clark Twiddy, CEO, Twiddy & Company

Priorities Twiddy

MMTL: Over the next 12 months, what are your top priorities for this middle market business?

Clark Twiddy: It’s funny you asked that. We had a department meeting last week in which we talked about our top five going forward. In no particular order, it’s to continue the mission and vision of the company, to be superior homes and superior service and a great place for our employees to work. We have a new app coming out, an app that is integrated with Google Analytics in Stash internally, and we are going to sustain that app, and that app is going to allow us the possibility of one day doing in home check-ins and some more technology to our owners and guests, which we are very excited about.

We have a small market expansion going on within the outer banks, going from the northern outer banks to the central outer banks. We think that’s very important to launch and sustain that in a very important way. One of them is we are…and continue to expand our infrastructure footprint, and are now opened up an office outside of our normal market, which we are trying to get closer to our service community, especially language capabilities. So we actually have targeted some language capabilities, Russian, Spanish, French, Greek, Albanian, and some areas like that to try to go after that seasonal work force.

And then the last one is going to continue to be educating our up and coming leaders. We’ve got a great group of assistant managers within the company that we think will run the company here in the next 5 to 10 years. We think we’ve got to continue to train them to evolve as the leaders we’d like to see. So those are our top five.

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