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182: Thicker Than Water | A Look Inside Family-Owned Businesses

"We are between $200 million and $500 million in revenue—squarely in the middle-market space. We have five operations around the United States, a custom operation in El Salvador, a product development and sourcing office and quality control office in Shanghai, China. Our product development leadership is in Morrisville, North Carolina. American Textile started in 1925.…
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130: When Talent and Capital Are Priority One | Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal

Having invested in 53 companies including over a dozen cybersecurity ventures, Ray Rothrock took on the CEO role at RedSeal confident that he could redirect the company's security offerings to a more fruitful opportunity.  Three years later the career venture capitalist appears to have done just that having returned RedSeal to profitability and year-over-year growth.…
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100: Optimizing a Midsize Firm’s Growth Jets | Matt Dircks, CEO, Bomgar

When Matt Dircks joined Bomgar as CEO back in 2014, the company's offerings consisted of a single product—software designed to remotely access and troubleshoot end-users’ computers and mobile devices. A little more than two years later, Bomgar has expanded to five distinct products, while advancing into a new security product space known as Privileged Access Management. Join…
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099: The Rise of TELUS International, Jeffrey Puritt, CEO

When a middle-market firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of a giant telecommunications company, how does the path to expansion differ from the growth tracks of independent firms? Join us when Jeffrey Puritt, CEO of Telus International, retraces the steps that allowed Telus International to advance beyond the shadow of its parent, Canadian telecommunications giant…
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My 2016 Growth Priorities: Jay Van Orden, CEO, Worldwide Supply

Over the next 12 months, what are the top priorities for this middle-market business? Jay Van Orden: Sure! Our first priority is to complete our capital raise. I think that’s key to us to being able to strengthen our services portfolio and technical knowledge. Second would be to accelerate the growth we’re already experiencing in […]

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060: Sinking Roots Beneath a Scalable Sun, Troy Helming, CEO, Pristine Sun

When Troy Helming created Pristine Sun in 2009, the renewable energy start-up began pursuing multiple paths to growth — an approach the firm soon modified after striking a rich vein of activity inside a fruitful niche market. Join us as Troy explains his firm's unique opportunity and the hardy capital investments that are required to…
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Managing Your Firm’s Private Equity Partners, Brian Giambagno, CFO Action Environmental Group

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Getting Connected With Your Deal Making Community, Bobby Blumenfeld, Executive Director, ACG New York

What can the deal-making community offer to Midmarket CFOs? Join us as Bobby explains the varied ecosystem of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), and the unique value that can be derived from being connected with your region’s foremost deal-makers. - 
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Most Common Problems with Family-Run Midmarket Firms and How to Correct Them

According to Family Enterprise USA, there are 5.5 million family-owned businesses in the U.S. These companies employ 63 percent of the workforce and contribute 57 percent of America’s gross domestic product, making them a crucial piece of our economy. Based on my experience advising family-owned businesses, the most common problems hindering a family business’s growth, […]

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Knowing Your Financial Metrics Can Increase Your Company’s Value to Buyers (and Make It Easier to Manage Along the Way)

Your P&L says that you are making money — but, do you know precisely where that profit comes from? More important, when a potential buyer asks you to explain the profit and how it can be grown, will you be able to answer these questions? Understanding your company at this level of detail and being able […]

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