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213: The Eye of the Beholder | Monty Montoya, CEO, CorneaGen

Join us when Monty Montoya recalls how an MBA degree and part-time job led him to secure a leadership role at a Seattle eye bank that would over time evolve into  CorneaGen—a middle-market company that is generating more than $50 million annually in cornea transplant and related services.

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“Even today, there are over 10 million people with cornea blindness worldwide, but there are fewer than 200,000 corneas available for transplant. The growth obstacle we had was letting go of thinking of ourselves as a parochial monopoly and accepting and adopting the global challenge. It’s an incredibly daunting question: How are we going to fill that gap from 200,000 to over 10 million? But once we got past that limited mind-set, we were able to see some incredible upticks in our growth. From 2009 onward, the organization has been on a pace of close to 20 percent year-over-year growth.”


Guest: Monty Montoya

Company: CorneaGen

Headquarters: Seattle, Wash.

Contact:  www.corneagen.com   (twitter) @CorneaGen_

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