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212: The Entrepreneur’s Obstacle | Tony Drockton, Hammitt

Tony Drockton helped turn a designer handbag into a business by forging partnerships that would propel the handbag into a luxury brand and advance the company into the ranks of middle-market firms. However, the seasoned entrepreneur soon faced a business obstacle that forced him to recalculate his trusted leadership formula, while adding a new CEO to the mix.

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“We avoided the venture capital trap and the fast money to be what I call capital-efficient and build instead from a base of partners, where they carried most of the weight and performed the heavy lifting to help us build the brand. All we had to do was make a beautiful product, embrace them as partners, and really take care of the only customer that ultimately matters to both of us: the person wearing a Hammitt on their arms.” –Tony Drockton

Guest: Tony Drockton

Company: Hammitt

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Contact: www.hammitt.com  (twitter) @hammitt

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