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My 2016 Growth Priorities: Ashish Bhutiani, CEO, Function1


What are your priorities for growing this middle-market business over the next 12 months?

Ashish: One is coming up with a more hands-off way to bring people on board. As I mentioned earlier, I think one of the biggest issues is that we need to kind of pull people offline to help train newer people. So, we’re trying to have that be more of an automated or hands-off process that allows us to maybe bring on more people than we need to pull people off to train.

Our second thing is trying to figure out revenue streams that aren’t tied to people, and this is kind of the common theme … we’ve seen that this is our limiting factor. We’re trying to explore ways where we can either automate pieces of our delivery or kind of get back to that add-on mentality that we had when we first started, to try to start delivering some of these things as revenue generation that isn’t tied directly to people.

And then the third is keeping up our employee retention rates. We’re really happy with our retention as a company over the past 10 years, in terms of how many people have stayed, but we know that that’s not something that we can ever really believe that we’re doing a good job on. There are always things that we can be doing better, and again, it’s that people are our product. We want to make sure that people who are working at Function1 are really happy about working at Function1 and want to stay there as long as possible. So, we want to continue kind of increasing that over the next 12 months, as well.

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