At Tel-Tron, Aging Boomers Open New Chapter of Growth

  Daytona Beach — Having sailed past its 65th birthday, Tel-Tron of Daytona Beach, Florida, has something in common with the nation’s nimble but aging baby boomer population. Like many an enlightened boomer, the family-owned firm views aging as an opportunity for growth. As a supplier of wireless emergency call systems, the 50+-employee firm is […]

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Less Space Became Path to Growth for “Big Box” Property Management Firm

  Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — Among the enduring statistics that the Great Recession has left in its wake, Florida’s foreclosure rate (second highest in the country behind Nevada) is a hard one to shake. The 18-month recession, which ended in June 2009, hit real estate prices hard across the state, where most cities still await a […]

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At immixGroup, Creating Demand for Others Triggered Growth

  McLean, Va. — Since 1997, immixGroup has been a high-tech matchmaker in the public sector marketplace, joining more than 250 commercial technology manufacturers and their channel partners with federal, state, and local government agencies seeking to purchase their products. “We do this by representing IT companies that range from market leaders like IBM and […]

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Middle-Market CEO Interview: Shari Sandifer of Avant Healthcare Professionals

  While the steep cost of U.S. healthcare no doubt captures the majority of healthcare-related headlines these days, the sector also continues to attract attention when it comes to jobs. In all, 5.6 million healthcare jobs were expected to be added within the United States between 2010 and 2020. Shari Sandifer, CEO of Avant Healthcare […]

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Continuous Improvement Keeps Pragmatics on Government Growth Track

  Reston, Va. — When Pragmatics Inc. decided that it was time to leap beyond the realm of small business, the IT services provider went back to school. To pull even with or get a leg up on its larger competitors, the firm trained for and won a number of high-level technical certifications, including ISO […]

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Middle-Market CEO Interview: David Morken of Discloses the Seeds of Serial Innovation

  As the cofounder and CEO of of Raleigh, North Carolina, David Morken first started out as a telecom entrepreneur 15 years ago when he gained a toehold by reselling network bandwidth to small and medium-size enterprises. As the firm grew, so too did its reputation as a disruptive force inside the telecom sector, […]

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How Three Middle-Market CEOs Tripped the Growth Switch

    Anisa International (AI) is the largest designer and manufacturer of cosmetic brushes in the world, approaching nearly $30 million in annual revenue and with a payroll of more than 600 employees. Ten years ago, CEO Anisa Telwar went shopping for a Chinese manufacturing plant, and when she couldn’t find one to buy, she […]

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A Telecom Disrupter Masters the Discipline of Serial Innovation

  Raleigh, NC — To David Morken, business growth is a mere by-product — a sort of residual unearthed by his middle-market firm’s primary focus, the pursuit of innovation — or, as he prefers to describe it, “the act of unlocking remarkable customer value.” Over the past 13 years, Morken’s firm,, of Raleigh, North […]

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Three Enterprising Tales of Middle-Market Growth Inside the Sunshine State

  How Marware Rediscovered its Mobile Mojo — and Returned to High Growth Boca Raton, Fla. –  Back in the late 1990s, Steve Jobs of Apple fame wasn’t very popular inside the offices of Marware, Inc. Shortly after his return to Apple, Jobs had lobbed the equivalent of a harpoon into Marware’s side when he killed off Apple’s Newton — […]

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As the Appetite for Video Content Grew Among Brands, StudioNow Sought Independence First, Then Sales

  A little more than 3 years ago, Nashville-based StudioNow was acquired by AOL for $36.5 million in cash and stock as part of a master plan that would integrate StudioNow’s video creation platform into a newly energized AOL content management system. However, not all went as planned. StudioNow once more became a private company […]

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