CEO Indicted As Probe of Chicago Midmarket Firm Heats Up

Former red light camera CEO indicted, federal probe expands

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Nimble Midmarket Firms Could Benefit From Elon Musk’s Open Source Gambit

A patent, contends Elon Musk, only serves to entrench a large corporation to a staked out position around their intellectual property and ultimately only enriches members of the legal profession and not the inventors themselves.

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Commerce Secretary Says Factory Careers Are Part of America’s Future

A renaissance in American manufacturing is underway and business, government, universities, and investors “must do all we can to maximize and accelerate the trend,”- U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

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Grain Craft Deal Revs M&A Engines of Flour-Making Faithful

In a year of tepid deal-making, the flour milling industry is providing the grist for one of the more notable 2014 middle-market transactions, as Milner Milling Inc. and Pendleton Flour Mills finalized their acquisition of Cereal Food Processors earlier this month and created Grain Craft, a new company with headquarters in Chattanooga, Tenn. Characterizing the deal […]

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How Your Company Became a Software Firm and May Not Even Know It

Geneca CEO Joel Basgall likes to tell his software firm’s customers that they’re in the software business these days. Whether they’re florist giant FTD, Inc., movie rental upstart Redbox, or Blue Cross/Blue Shield, when it comes to attracting customers, partnering with suppliers, and employees interacting both internally and externally, it’s all about the software, says […]

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Spartan Chemical Puts Innovation on Its Plate, as State of Ohio Picks Up Half the Tab

Maumee, Ohio — The way that William J. Schalitz tells it, Spartan Chemical’s door to innovation first swung open with a phone call. As vice president of research and development for the middle-market janitorial solutions firm, Schalitz received a voice mail invitation to participate in a so-called open innovation program with the State of Ohio. “We […]

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For iTech US, Mobile Ambitions Became Too Much for One Firm

Dallas — When it came time to maneuver his technology consulting firm deep into yet another realm of IT development, iTech US CEO Kishore Khandavalli repeated the steps that he had taken multiple times before. First, he gathered critical research. Second, he made some informed bets as to what types of services his customers would […]

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How Libbey Inc. Grows, One Broken Glass at a Time

Toledo, Ohio — The popular maxim “It’s not a party until something gets broken” might make a questionable consumer tagline for a global glassware manufacturer, but it’s one that likely should resonate with the folks on Wall Street — at least when it comes to glassware innovator Libbey Inc., whose replacement sales drive 90 percent […]

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How to Make Talent Your Firm’s Growth Accelerant, JANCOA of Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, OH — When Mary Miller joined her husband Tony’s janitorial services company 20 years ago, the firm’s employee turnover rate was 360 percent. By accepting the notion that no one wants to be a janitor forever, Miller says, she and her husband began to consider how their firm, JANCOA, could motivate its employees to think […]

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Game-Changer CIK Enterprises Shares Its Three Ingredients for Renewed Growth

Indianapolis — Scott Hill has always loved strategy games. His passion for strategic moves to improve a player’s position prompted him to join with Andy Medley in 2001 to establish CIK Enterprises, a measured marketing software and consulting company that specializes in increasing clients’ in-store and online customer traffic by generating giveaways, contests, and media […]

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