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The Inner Workings of a Deal: Due Diligence

The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction Part VII – Due Diligence Last month, you got engaged.  You found the best of your suitors and entered into a Letter of Intent.  Now the real work starts.  As you will soon find out, you didn’t just get engaged to your buyer, you […]

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A Digital Commerce Transformation Call to Action for CFOs

The Digital Age is upon us and digital commerce is a primary catalyst to the disruption underway. To succeed, businesses must embrace weaving digital technologies into their business models and move quickly to transform to be more in tune with the voice of their customers. This is a journey that will evolve over the next […]

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How to Make Your Company Attractive to Lenders

As we approach the end of 2014, the US economy continues to show measurable progress and for many, it finally feels like the financial crisis is solidly in the rear view mirror. Yet, despite the improving picture, many middle market companies are still struggling to find the capital necessary to pursue growth or address challenges […]

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The Inner Workings of a Deal: Management Meetings, Deeper Dives, and Letters of Intent

Part VI – Management Meeting, Deeper Dives, and Letters of Intent In our last discussion, we had narrowed down the pool of buyer targets and have decided to go forward with four to six potential acquirers that have provided indications of interest to you and your M&A advisor. Now it is time to dig in, get […]

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The Inner Workings of a Deal: Early Discussions and Indications of Interest

The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction Part V – Early Discussions and Indications of Interest Last month, we created a marketing package and began to market your company to potential acquirers. Last Article By now, your M&A advisor has begun having discussions with interested buyers, and the real work begins. […]

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Infrastructure as a Service Turns Heads As Midmarket Cloud Ambitions Grow

As the business world quickly migrates to the cloud for technology applications and infrastructure, many middle-market organizations have been slow to adapt. Some are slightly apprehensive about the cloud, amid uncertainties about whether systems are a good fit and concerns about vulnerabilities and resources required. However, the reality is the cloud presents several key benefits, […]

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The Inner Workings of a Deal: Marketing Your Company

The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction Part IV – Marketing Your Company Last month, we reviewed the pros and cons of hiring an intermediary to assist you with the sale of your company, as well as evaluating the differences between types of intermediaries and the issues that will come up in […]

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5 Strategies for Keeping Costs Down With the ACA Employer Mandate

There’s a lot of chatter throughout the business community about the looming Affordable Care Act employer mandate and what it will mean for the financial stability of many companies. The ACA’s employer mandate, which takes effect in 2015, states that businesses with 50 or more full-time employees (defined as 30 or more hours per week) […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Developing Your Midmarket Firm’s Succession Plan

A well thought out succession plan is a primary risk reduction tactic for any company. Just as we buy auto and homeowners’ insurance to cover our personal risks, a succession plan reduces the risk from many unforeseen events that can threaten the long-term health of a company. Long-term corporate health was a primary goal when […]

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With a Seasoned Pundit at Its Helm, NCMM Gets Busy Crafting a New Narrative for the Middle Market

Three months after he joined the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM),  business journalist turned knowledge guru Tom Stewart is busy authoring a new narrative for middle-market businesses everywhere. Middle-Market Executive recently spoke to Stewart after he facilitated a panel discussion among middle-market businesses in upstate New York. The NCMM is a collaboration between The Ohio State […]

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