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Why CEOs Need to Stay Informed About the Customer Experience

User experience (UX) design has taken the digital world by storm as great industrial designers continue to build innovative products in the physical world. New design software is frequently being released, and new rapid prototyping tools like 3-D printers are changing how we iteratively test and improve our inventions. By all measures, the world of […]

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How to Streamline the Hiring Process to Save Your Company Buckets of Money

Without the proper procedure in place, the recruitment process can be a costly nightmare. Not only can the cost of hiring approach tens of thousands of dollars for certain positions, but you’re also losing productivity every day the position remains unfilled. And if the new hire doesn’t work out, you have to go through the […]

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The Sales Metrics That Improve Middle Market Performance

By Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazzana How prepared is your sales force to handle an uptick in growth? The Center for the Middle Market reported that middle market growth was strong across all revenue segments in 2014. The outlook for 2015 is just as positive with nearly three-quarters (74%) of middle market firms anticipating revenue […]

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Give Managers Decision-Making Power by Balancing Freedom With Responsibility

In Sweden, child rearing was traditionally strict, which led to a reactionary movement of “free upbringing” in the ’70s. Children were free to make their own decisions, so they basically ran wild. Other parents jokingly called it “free from upbringing” because you can’t enforce rules that don’t exist. Free upbringing was overcompensation; the ideal is […]

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5 Ways for Your Middle-Market Firm to Guarantee a Successful Global Project

If doing business in the U.S. is like playing a game of checkers, then the global marketplace is more like playing a game of chess. To win, you have to think through a complex strategy and deal with more moving parts. Different time zones, language barriers, cultural nuances, and profit repatriation make global projects much […]

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You Need to Sell Your Business in 2015. Here’s why.

Over the course of this past year, we in the middle market heard a near-constant refrain: this is the year to sell. And for many people, that was true. At a macro level, the economic outlook was positive, unemployment figures finally appeared to be cheerier, and interest rates were low. Things looked particularly bright for […]

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The M&A Blueprint: Three Keys to Executing a Successful Integration

Year after year, companies continue to do acquisitions despite data that suggests a majority of deals fail to realize their expected value.  Although I believe the percentage of failures may be over-stated, we can certainly do better.   While there are ideas on how to solve tactical issues – poor diligence, over-valuing synergies, failure to address […]

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5 Ways to Encourage Business Intelligence Engagement in Your Employees

Business intelligence is amazing. With the right tools in place, businesses can measure employee performance, identify trends, and craft better, smarter strategies for the future. The data gleaned from business intelligence can be invaluable and transform how decisions are made in the workplace.  But if business intelligence is so valuable, why has its adoption rate […]

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Find the Whole in Your Company: 5 Ways to Bring a Holistic Approach to Leadership

When you’re handling scattered employees, multiple projects, and more unread emails than you thought were possible in the midst of a busy day, trying to visualize your business as a whole can make you feel dizzy — not to mention trying to nurture and fix it when problems arise. Business leaders and industry experts have […]

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The Inner Workings of a Deal: Closing and Post-Closing

The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction Part IX – Closing and Post-Closing Well, we’ve arrived.  Last month, we negotiated the deal documents and we are ready to close on the sale of your company. While most of the hard work is behind us, there are still a few things to be […]

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