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Putting the Value back in Value Innovation

  Finance officers achieve their key decision-making status for a reason: it’s their expertise that’s critical to far more than a successful firm’s bottom line. But there’s always room for improvement, and it’s time for CFOs to fine-tune their collective image when it comes to working with entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spark is driving the business […]

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High Growth and Human Capital, A-T Solutions CFO Debbie Ricci

  Podcast: Play in new window | Download   How  does the CFO role differ inside a private equity backed firm versus a publicly-held firm? Join us as Debbie shares her insights from both worlds, and explains her growing focus on human capital inside the rapid rise of A-T Solutions.

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How Small Firms Grow Up to Be Middle-Market Firms

  Podcast: Play in new window | Download A Talk With Brendan Anderson, Managing Partner, Evolution Capital Partners What separates a small business from a middle-market business? Join us as Brendan Anderson explains how a traditional finance function can be virtually almost absent from many small firms, but must eventually take root if a firm is […]

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Competing in the Global Economy, Ben Mulling, CFO TENTE CASTER Inc.


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Aligning Finance and IT, Ben Mulling, CFO TENTE Caster Inc.

  Ben Mulling, CFO of TENTE Caster Inc. of Hebron, Kentucky    

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Aligning Human Capital with Strategic Goals , Tom FitzSimmons, CFO, TMP Worldwide

  Tom Fitzsimmons, TMP Worldwide CFO, returns to discuss how finance leaders need to realign their company costs to better reflect the changing competitive environment and reallocate human capital resources to areas that offer the highest long-term growth opportunities. In 2014, the Human Capital discussion is expected to gain new momentum across our CFO Thought […]

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Midmarket CFO Discussing How Finance Empowers the Frontlines

      Chad Jensen, CFO, The Cellular Connection, Carmel Indiana

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Midmarket CFO Discussing Market Indicators For China

      Sherry Buck, CFO of Libbey, Inc.

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The Bookkeeper’s Technology: A Parable of Finance and Innovation

  Once upon a time, in a valley known for innovation, there was an entrepreneur who believed that he knew everything there was to know about growing a business. Growth, he said, was the result of innovation, and innovation is created by people with vision and passion. One day, his bookkeeper approached him and told […]

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Midmarket CFO Discusses Decision to Move Offshore

      Woody Whitcomb, CFO, LaFamila Pawn & Jewelry

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