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My Growth Priorities: Ken Makovsky, CEO, Makovsky Integrated Communications

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities for this middle-market firm?

Ken: I would say that our digital growth is a priority, making digital a part of almost everything that we do. We started something called Skylabs, which is an innovation laboratory. That is supposed to help clients develop new, innovative thinking about their current product base or service base, and we’ve sold some significant business through this innovation area. So seeing that grow is very important to us. Having us get closer to 15 million is important to us. And I would say the building of our consumer practice. Now, undoubtedly I have talked about a lot of new things we are doing, but the solidity of our current practices and growth of those practices is important, too. But if I have to pick one thing that we want to see happen, it is significant growth in our digital area.

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