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153: Cybersecurity: How Sweet It Is | Tom Kemp, CEO, Centrify

Join us when Tom Kemp, CEO, Centrify, exposes the burgeoning cybersecurity opportunity that has propelled his firm beyond $100 million in annual sales and into a realm of organic growth that few industries can match.

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Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities when it comes to growing Centrify?

Tom Kemp: “Our priorities are to clearly maintain the high amount of growth that we’ve experienced, and we’re actually pretty unique in the technology space as a private company. We’re actually cash flow–positive right now, so we want to increase that as well and have a good growth and profitability story. What we’re trying to do is, within the identity space, add more solutions, additional products, but do so organically. I think that other people try to, you know, cut corners, or try to think that they can do it via acquisition, and oftentimes the customers see that it’s a bunch of parts, as opposed to having an integrated solution. So, we’ve taken more of a unique tack by trying to build things organically. There are areas adjacent to our core space in which we want to come out with some more product, all while growing the underlying business and continuing to leverage channel partners to help give us leverage in the market.”

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Guest: Tom Kemp

Company: Centrify

Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

Contact: www.centrify.com  @Centrify

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