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152: An Appetite for Infrastructure | Jeff Spalding, COO, Peak 10, Inc.

Join us when Jeff reveals the expansion path down which Peak 10 advanced to springboard itself from a super regional upstart to national player inside the IT infrastructure realm.

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 Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities when it comes to growing Peak 10?

“Well, number one is what we just talked about, people. It’s getting the right people on board in all the areas that we need. We have very aggressive growth targets, so we tend to want to overhire in certain categories to make sure that we have the capacity that we need from a people standpoint, number one.

“Number two is our go-to-market model of becoming more of a national player, back to the point of going from, hey, we started in the Southeast, and what’s happened is that we’ve gotten customers over the years from Europe, from the West Coast, from Latin America, etc. But the bulk of our customers are U.S.-based or they’re U.S. regional headquarters for a European company, etc. And we want to leverage that, so we’ve been hiring people on a national basis over the past couple of years in preparation for this.

“We’re also looking at acquisitions as appropriate to help us enter into new markets where it makes sense. So, we’re very strategic about that. And I would say that the last thing is making sure that we continue to invest in our back-end systems, our processes, and so forth, to make sure that we continue to have the highest customer loyalty in the industry.” —Jeff Spalding, COO, Peak 10

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Guest: Jeff Spalding, Chief Operations Officer

Company: Peak 10, Inc.

Headquarters:  Charlotte, NC

Contact: www.peak10.com

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