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Creating a Dynamic Finance Function, Rich Pirrotta, CFO, Logicalis

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As More Midmarket CFOs Sharpen Their Customer Focus, More Are Smitten with the Cloud

A business realm long populated by headstrong entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses, the middle market is experiencing a wave of technology adoption that seems intent on further upending the traditional laws of business competition as it diminishes the size advantage that large enterprise companies have long enjoyed. When it comes to the middle market’s growing appetite […]

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As IT Spending Drives Bigger Returns, CFOs Seek New Metrics

It wasn’t too long ago that IT spend as a percent of revenue was the time-honored metric of choice among finance executives determined to keep their firm’s IT spending within the light of day. In fact, many finance chiefs arguably still rely on the metric to provide a quick snapshot of their firm’s appetite for […]

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Fielding Your Front-Office Finance Team, Jim Benson, CFO, Akamai Technologies

What happens when a $2 billion firm changes its talent mix and modifies its organization to extend its lines of sight? Join us when Jim Benson, CFO, Akamai Technologies, reveals his CFO mind-set and shares the steps taken to build and deploy Akamai's front-office finance team. ¤
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Meeting the Challenge to Measure Sustainable Growth, Bruce Felt, CFO, Domo

When it comes to growth inside a high-tech firm, one question more than any other demands the attention of finance leadership: Is it sustainable? Join us when Bruce Felt, CFO, Domo, shares his CFO mind-set and explores the challenge of measuring and revealing sustainable growth. ¤
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ASK ETHAN: Managing Growth Inside a High-Growth Firm

When Carlson Management Consulting last month landed on Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5000 ranking of fast-growth firms, we quickly knew what our topic for discussion should be for this episode of ASK ETHAN. Join us as Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, discusses the role that finance must play when it comes to managing growth inside…
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Understanding How People (Not Metrics) Drive the Business, Bona Allen, CFO, Kajima Building & Design Group

It may seem like a trite idea — one designed to keep executives nodding in agreement. However, when a CFO says that what matters most in business is people, we tend to ponder the thought all the more closely. Join us when Bona Allen explains why people (not metrics) must always be top-of-mind when it comes…
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Envisioning a Dealer-Owned Captive Finance Company, Erik Day, CFO, Warren Henry Automotive Group

Few markets can consume luxury brands at a rate faster than Miami, Florida, these days, a fact that has given rise to the Warren Henry Automotive Group, a $350 million firm consisting of seven luxury import dealerships as well as eight other businesses. Join us when CFO Erik Day shares his CFO mind-set and reveals…
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CFO INSIGHT: Chris Lafond, CFO, Intralinks on Finance and Operation (60 seconds)

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Exposing the Path Between Employee Satisfaction and Growth, Matt Fortney, CFO, Group Delphi

It's no secret employee engagement or lack of it has an enormous impact on customer relationships. In fact, managing productivity and employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges business leaders today face. Join us when Matt Fortner, CFO, Group Delphi, reveals his CFO mind-set and explains how measuring employee satisfaction has become a growing…
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