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187: Putting Generations to Work | John Waldron, CEO, Waldron Private Wealth

John Waldron built a business by helping other business owners navigate the complexities of their growing wealth.  Join us when John describes the opportunity he first identified and the unique customer approach that has propelled Waldron Private Wealth into the ranks of middle-market firms.

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“At the beginning, I had three founding principles. One was that I wanted to establish an independent investment offering. I didn’t want to be all things to all people. We deal with clients that have a sophistication that comes along with increasing wealth in their situation. We’re very good at helping with complexity in situations. The third thing is each individual added to the team. I wanted him or her to have a different background or expertise so that we were looking at a situation from many different directions.  The last founding principle ended up being the most important because it is the team, and everybody on the team is a contributor, and the team is what really provides a value proposition.” –John Waldron

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Guest: John Waldron

Company: Waldron Private Wealth

Headquarters: Bridgeville, PA

Contact: www.waldronprivatewealth.com


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