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198: Outsourcing’s New Wonder | Bryce Maddock, CEO, TaskUs

Once upon a time, the word “outsourcing” was associated with such dry-cleaned, stodgy corporate monikers as EDS, IBM, and CSC. No more. Join us when Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs, reveals the outsourcer’s unconventional first growth chapter and the unique business dynamics that would lead a cluster of high-tech startups to leverage the outsourcer’s offerings and propel it into the ranks of middle-market firms.

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2018 Growth Priorities:

“We are measuring our client Net Promoter Scores and continue to drive those scores up. We also are obsessive about our employee Net Promoter Scores. We want to make certain that our employees continue to believe that TaskUs is the best place in the world that they can work. Finally, we are taking our company global. We’re adding more locations in the U.S., more locations in Latin America. We’re expanding our services in the realm of consulting.” –Bryce Maddock

Guest: Bryce Maddock, CEO

Company: TaskUs

Headquarters:  Santa Monica, CA

Contact: www.taskus.com @TaskUs

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