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155: Building a Digital Leader | Tony Zito, CEO, Rakuten Marketing

In 1995, Tony Zito started his first business, Precision DataLink, which was acquired in 2001. He then went on to found MediaForge, which was acquired by Rakuten Marketing in 2012. Today, he oversees Rakuten Marketing in the Americas, Europe, and Australia, spearheading acquisitions and integrating offerings into an expanded platform of performance marketing offerings.

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When it comes to hiring:

“As the CEO, I’m fortunate because I have a very qualified team of people who are reviewing candidates, and then usually when they come to me, by the time I’m looking at their resume, I assume that they’ve been, you know, fully vetted. So I’m looking for a lot of those softer skills. When I meet them, I look at them, and the first thing I think is: “Is this gonna be fun working together?” And if the answer is, “I don’t think we’re gonna be having fun,” then I usually struggle to approve that hire.

“So, I really do think that in a business that changes as fast as ours does, and it does change every year, there are certain personality characteristics that someone has to have, and these could range from being able to adapt to change in general to just having a good sense of humor sometimes, because both of those skills come in handy when you’re shooting at moving targets.”

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Guest: Tony Zito

Company: Rakuten Marketing

Contact: www.rakutenmarketing.com  @RakutenMKTG_US

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