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155: Building a Digital Leader | Tony Zito, CEO, Rakuten Marketing

In 1995, Tony Zito started his first business, Precision DataLink, which was acquired in 2001. He then went on to found MediaForge, which was acquired by Rakuten Marketing in 2012. Today, he oversees Rakuten Marketing in the Americas, Europe, and Australia, spearheading acquisitions and integrating offerings into an expanded platform of performance marketing offerings. When it…
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154: Flying Beneath the Data Buzz | Chris Astle, CEO, QSR International

In the flash and splash world of data technologies, few companies have their technology more deeply entrenched inside the academic institutions that pollinate and energize the world's research communities than QSR International. Join us when QSR CEO Chris Astle explains why a three-decade-old midsize firm is enjoying some new luster among the data tech world's up-and-comers.…
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150: How a Middle-Market Mind-Set Liberated a Heavyweight Brand | John Incledon, President, Hisamitsu America

The history of Hisamitsu America is starkly different from that of most middle-market companies. Nevertheless, the Japanese-owned company's latest chapter leaves little doubt that middle-market savvy is now fueling the firm's growth engine.  Join us when John Incledon explains how a change in Hisamitsu's firm-building mind-set opened the door for him to pursue an entrepreneurial…
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137: The Company Is For Keeps | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

Eight years from now, when Lance Ruttenberg blows out the candles on a birthday cake celebrating his company's 100th birthday, the CEO of American Textile Company will be savoring an industrial hallmark that no Fortune 500 CEO has ever known. Lance and his brother Blake are today the third generation of Ruttenbergs to own and lead…
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127: Revving Up the Hydrogen Economy | Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power

It was perhaps less than a decade ago that the main byproduct of hydrogen fuel cells was buzz and more buzz. Join us when Andy Marsh explains how the adoption of new fuel technologies is gaining momentum making Plug Power an early leader within the ranks of high growth solution providers. Guest: Andy Marsh, CEO Company:…
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106: Building an Urgent Care Franchise | Justin Irizarry, CFO, OrthoNow

  Join us as Justin Irizarry reveals the path OrthoNow blazed to form the nation’s only network of orthopedic urgent care centers. Guest: Justin Irizary, Co-Founder & CFO Company: OrthoNow Industry: Orthopedic urgent care centers Headquartered: Miami, FL Ownership: Privately Held Contacts: www.orthonowcare.com @orthonow (Twitter)    
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How do you make a good hire? Tillie Hidalgo Lima, CEO, Best Upon Request

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The Future of Payments and Accounting, Bradley Matthews, Head of Middle Market Product & Marketing, US Bank

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A Cyber Attack Recovery Plan For Your Mid-Sized Business

In 2015, over 288,000 businesses reported a cyber-crime. In today’s digital economy, cyber security has become a top-of-mind concern for business leaders of all sizes. Mid-sized businesses need to quickly and efficiently recover from cyber attacks, but companies also need to prepare for these attacks in advance. As soon as a breach is detected, certain […]

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My Growth Priorities: Kirsten Dolan, COO, Parking One

Over the next 12 months, what are the top priorities for this middle-market business? Kirsten Dolan: Well, you hit on one, which is really shoring up the financial part, and as part of the Forum 7 group with The Commonwealth Institute, which is a group of women who are all executives who help guide me, […]

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