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101: Learning From Customers | Matt Calkins, CEO, Appian


Join us when Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian, explains how the software developer remformulated its business plan multiple times before finding its groove inside the realm of Business Process Management. Hear Matt explain how the firm’s projected 50 percent annual growth has led Appian’s management team to keep a careful eye on the firm’s performance.

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Guest: Matt Caukins, Founder & CEO

Company: Appian

Founded: 1999

Headquartered In: Reston, VA

Powerful Promise of Value: Your business needs to move quickly. You need to sense change and opportunity before your competition does, make smart decisions and take rapid action. You need software applications that are powerful and flexible enough to help you constantly re-invent, while preserving the unique competitive advantages of your organization.

Contacts: www.appian.com @appian (Twitter)


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