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246: From Task to Process to Growth | Paul Barber, CEO, Prophix

Like many middle-market companies, Prophix has a past rooted in a different industry. The Toronto, Canada, software developer began life as an IT industry channel partner--a distributor that delivered value to customers by supplying a product rather than making one. While no one today could mistake Prophix's business for being something other than software development,…
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135: Optimizing Your Firm’s Growth/Capital Balance | Alan Rich, CEO, Chrome River

Alan Rich says that the best advice he can give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to write down their business ideas and quickly put them under the noses of target customers. "Would you buy it?" is the question that Rich says Chrome River's cofounders began asking 10 years ago, triggering discussions that more fully exposed a software…
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082: Charting Your Recurring Revenue Stream, Scott McFarlane, CEO, Avalara

With 1,000 employees today Avalara is several rungs above the startup businesses that crowd the lower rungs of Silicon Valley's business-building ladder. Yet, a startup mindset is still what fuels the software company's appetite for growth, according to Scott McFarlane, Avalara's CEO and co founder, who among other things praises the power of predictable revenues…
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From Middle-Market Bootstrapper to SaaS Leader, BlackLine CEO Sets Course with Silver Lake Onboard

Los Angeles — It’s the kind of hardy growth about which privately held firms most times prefer not to openly boast. Unless, of course, a “strategic investment” is being made in the firm — and such was the case last week when BlackLine Systems announced that the middle-market arm of private equity firm Silver Lake […]

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Middle-Market Leader Interview: A Talk With BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

As CEO of a $25 million financial solutions firm, Therese Tucker built BlackLine Systems by understanding the needs and demands of Fortune 1000 accounts when it comes to such thorny automation feats as the financial close. Yet, as a middle-market firm, BlackLine itself has needs that are more closely aligned with that sector, which, thanks […]

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For BlackLine, SaaS Ambitions Became Precursor to Middle-Market Growth

Los Angeles —  It was the kind of strategy decision that can throw even the most well-managed middle-market businesses into complete chaos. After years of developing, incenting, and motivating its world-class sales team to enlighten customers to the virtues of owning its financial close software, BlackLine Systems of Los Angeles scrapped its enterprise licensing model for […]

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At Xactly, the Gazelles Are Caught on the Way Up Not Once, But Twice

Among some lower-middle-market companies, few customers are more coveted than those that reside in the middle market’s bottom quarter. Such is the case with Xactly of San Jose, California, a venture-backed, software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm that lately appears to be just as enthralled by the growth of other bottom-quarter firms as it is with its own. […]

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