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115: Adopting a Cloud Subscription Model

  Learn More About These Middle Market Business Leaders Tom Stewart CFO, SecureAuth Which industry is currently having the greatest impact on the evolution of the finance function? Join us when CFO Tom Stewart of SecureAuth adds his voice to the innovative clan of “Subscription Economy CFOs” who are determined to recast the mission of…
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090: When Business Growth Equals Personal Growth, Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion

The rise of a middle-market business houses a multitude of stories, but few are as compelling as that of a founder who strives to stay in step with a quickly expanding enterprise. Entrepreneurial "exits" are the accepted rite of passage for many firms when one-time leaders quietly stomach the unspoken notion that their creations may have in…
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082: Charting Your Recurring Revenue Stream, Scott McFarlane, CEO, Avalara

With 1,000 employees today Avalara is several rungs above the startup businesses that crowd the lower rungs of Silicon Valley's business-building ladder. Yet, a startup mindset is still what fuels the software company's appetite for growth, according to Scott McFarlane, Avalara's CEO and co founder, who among other things praises the power of predictable revenues…
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For Masergy’s MacFarland, Liquidity Falls from the Cloud

Plano, Texas — When it came to liquidity, Masergy was beginning to appear a bit “long in the tooth,” says Chris MacFarland, commenting on the timing of his arrival at the managed services and cloud communications firm where he now serves as CEO. Back in the summer of 2008, MacFarland, a company outsider at the time, […]

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Middle-Market Leader Interview: A Talk With BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

As CEO of a $25 million financial solutions firm, Therese Tucker built BlackLine Systems by understanding the needs and demands of Fortune 1000 accounts when it comes to such thorny automation feats as the financial close. Yet, as a middle-market firm, BlackLine itself has needs that are more closely aligned with that sector, which, thanks […]

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Functional Expertise Trumps Tech as More Middle-Market Firms View Cloud Not as IT, but as Growth Stimulus

As more middle-market IT leaders find themselves inundated with questions regarding the latest swarm of cloud computing applications, we asked Todd Burner, a senior director at CEB, to field a few of our questions regarding the cloud and its impact on the organizational dynamics inside middle-market firms. Burner has been studying the complexities of cloud technology […]

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As Functional Knowledge Trumps IT Knowledge in the Age of the Cloud, Middle-Market Firms Behold a Flattened World

What was once best left up to the IT department to procure and deploy is now “embedded” in the business, according to Harry Wallaesa, a seasoned business leader whose varied career includes tours of duty as CIO of Campbell Soup Company, president and COO of Safeguard Scientific, and chairman of technology firm Compucom. Middle Market […]

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