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098: Navigating a Return to Growth | Bob Hammer, CEO, Commvault

Bob Hammer springboarded Commvault into the middle market by creating products to address data management challenges that would reside years into the future. However, even he was caught off guard by the speed with which Cloud computing solutions gained acceptance with Commvault's customers. The digital blind spot would trigger a major restructuring for the data management firm.…
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Part-Time CFOs Flourish Inside Lower Middle Market as Technology Advances Growth

What’s it like to have a line of sight into the finance departments of numerous lower middle-market companies? Join us as Matthew May, managing partner of AcuityCFO, explains how the demand for interim CFOs among lower middle-market firms is on the rise as young management teams adopt an outsourcing mindset.
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Rob Hull, Founder of Adaptive Insights, Discusses the Evolving Finance Function

What’s a CFO to do when he sees his reflection through the lens of a business opportunity? Join us as Rob shares his entrepreneurial CFO mind-set and reveals the A-ha! moment that led him to start up a firm dedicated to empowering finance executives with SaaS-based performance tools.
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As More Midmarket Firms Leap Overseas, the Cloud Softens Their Landing, Says BlackLine’s CFO

Woodland Hills, CA   — As more midmarket firms pursue opportunities offshore, cloud computing applications are once more proving to be a critical ally for midsized companies whose global ambitions continue to stress-test accounting systems that originally took root inside the U.S. “The more global you are, the more you want to be in front […]

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Adopting a Cloud CFO Mindset: Charles Best, CFO, BlackLine System

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When it Comes to Middle-Market Software, Commence Corp. Thwarts the Importance of Being Larry

Eatontown, N.J. — Ask any technology executive to identify a software firm with a CEO who goes by the first name of Larry, and chances are that Commence Corporation isn’t the first company to come to mind. Yet Commence Corp.’s technology roots run nearly as deep and are arguably as nimble as those of many […]

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Midmarket CFO Discussing Market Indicators For China

    Sherry Buck, CFO of Libbey, Inc.

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Finance and the Cloud: Mitch Peipert, CFO, Thomas Publishing, New York, New York

As it has for many middle-market firms, the fluctuating economy has made Thomas Publishing of New York City ever savvier when it comes to leveraging technology to reduce costs. Thomas Publishing CFO Mitch Peipert explains how the 115-year-old middle-market firm has embraced cloud computing and how finance has today migrated to the outer edges of the firm’s […]

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100-Year-Old Midmarket Firm Moves to the Cloud

    Mitch Peipert, CFO, Thomas Publishing

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Middle-Market Leader Interview: A Talk With BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

As CEO of a $25 million financial solutions firm, Therese Tucker built BlackLine Systems by understanding the needs and demands of Fortune 1000 accounts when it comes to such thorny automation feats as the financial close. Yet, as a middle-market firm, BlackLine itself has needs that are more closely aligned with that sector, which, thanks […]

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