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045: Defining the Growth Path for an Intergenerational Business, Marc Spector, The Spector Group

Family-owned companies have always faced unique challenges when it comes to navigating periods of intergenerational leadership change. Join us when Marc Spector, family member, principal, and third-generation business leader, reveals the values and vision that have helped the firm to advance from one generation to the next. ¤
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Part-Time CFOs Flourish Inside Lower Middle Market as Technology Advances Growth

What’s it like to have a line of sight into the finance departments of numerous lower middle-market companies? Join us as Matthew May, managing partner of AcuityCFO, explains how the demand for interim CFOs among lower middle-market firms is on the rise as young management teams adopt an outsourcing mindset.
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Milestones in Building a Green Business, Breckenridge Material Company, St. Louis Missouri

As the largest ready-mix producer of cement in the St. Louis region, with 30 operations spread across the Missouri and Illinois markets, Breckenridge Material Company has beefed up its engineering talent over the past decade to achieve a technical edge that is setting itself apart from its ready-mix competitors. In this Middle-Market Executive interview, Breckenridge CEO […]

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Middle-Market CEO Interview: Mary Miller of JANCOA, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, OH — When Mary Miller joined her husband Tony’s janitorial services company 20 years ago, the firm’s employee turnover rate was 360 percent. By accepting the notion that no one wants to be a janitor forever, Miller says, she and her husband began to consider how their firm, JANCOA, could motivate its employees to […]

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Middle-Market CEO Interview: Kurt Canova of Tech Electronics, St Louis, MO

St Louis, MO – Fifty years after Kurt Canova’s father started up a St. Louis electronics distribution firm, along with two partners, the firm known as Tech Electronics employs nearly  250 employees across a network of Midwestern regional offices. Canova, now president of the firm, spoke to Middle Market Executive about the company’s recent growth […]

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At Confluence, M&A Becomes Preferred Path to Growth

Pittsburgh, PA — When it comes to building firms, there is frequently a critical juncture where a stubbornly adolescent company arrives at a bold and inescapable conclusion: It’s time to change lunch tables. And so it is with Confluence, a 200-employee firm that for most of its entire 22 years dined with the buttoned-up minions […]

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Middle-Market CEO Interview: Randy Thompson of ThompsonGas

Boonsboro, MD — When Randy Thompson joined the family business a little more than 15 years ago, ThompsonGas had just one store, three delivery trucks, and eight employees serving three states. Today, the firm has more than 51 branch locations and 350 employees serving 10 states. In this Middle-Market Executive interview, Thompson tells us where […]

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For Wajam, Hiring Remains Growth’s Greatest Blessing and Burden

Montreal — With 45 employees populating its Montreal, Quebec, headquarters, Wajam can safely weigh in as a middle-market firm — one seemingly a world apart from the 10-member start-up it was only a year ago. A lot has happened inside Wajam over the past year. As an up-and-coming player in the social search space, Wajam […]

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CKO Kickboxing Finds Path to Growth Advances Fitness, Not Fighting

Hoboken, New Jersey — When Lloyd Dobler, lead character of the 1989 movie Say Anything, proclaimed “Kickboxing — Sport of the Future,” he may not have had a gym franchising model in mind. Nevertheless, Joseph Andreula, CEO and founder of CKO Kickboxing, has clearly embraced Dobler’s proclamation as his network of franchised kickboxing gyms has […]

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Merger-Minded Business Leaders in Short Supply Despite Growing Middle-Market Optimism

As we advance into the second half of 2013, there are growing indications that business sentiment is improving despite nagging unemployment numbers and a shortage of merger-minded CEOs. Cindy Crotty, middle-market business watcher and head of KeyBank’s commercial banking segment, once more shared with Middle-Market Executive the findings of a KeyBank’s middle-market business sentiment survey, which reveals […]

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