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169: The Turnaround CEO | Bill Sandbrook, CEO, U.S. Concrete


Ten years ago, U.S. Concrete’s future was highly questionable. As stewards of a roll-up of ready-mix concrete businesses, the company’s management had spent a decade buying up smaller businesses while explaining to Wall Street that it would someday soon be the largest publicly traded single-product-category company traded domestically. However, when the housing and construction markets plunged in 2006/2007, the company stumbled onto a tortuous path that would eventually lead to a bankruptcy filing in 2010. Enter Bill Sandbrook, a seasoned industry executive, who was eager to open a new chapter for the beleaguered firm. Join us when Bill explains how U.S. Concrete once more found its footing along the building industry’s growth path and reveals the milestones of his turnaround tour of duty.

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Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights

Guest: Bill Sandbrook

Company: U.S. Concrete

Headquarters:  Euless, TX 

Contact:  www.us-concrete.com



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