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My 12-Month Growth Priorities | Patrick Llewellyn, CEO, 99designs

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities when it comes to growing this middle-market firm?

“We’ve been undercapitalized recently. So that has been a very interesting journey for us. I think that if you think about how our story correlates to those of other middle-market businesses that perhaps haven’t taken on investment—you know, have organically grown—I think we share some attributes there. We’ve still had to be relatively conservative in the way in which we have thought about growth, the way we’ve invested in growth. We’ve learned a lot of lessons, we’ve done a lot of things. We kind of talk about how there’s a minimum viable approach to entering new markets, and that’s something that I think we’ve gotten quite good at. We’re now in eight languages, we have a community of over a million designers, we’ve had customers from over 192 countries.

“So it’s the continuation of understanding how to profitably acquire customers. It’s bringing greater efficiency to our marketplace. We think the future of our marketplace is continuing to curate and make sure that the quality of our community is high. We think we have the best-quality community in the world today, but we want to continue to advance that. We want to do that by utilizing data. We want to utilize that. We also want to do that by segmenting our offering and building specific tools and skills for the client by separate addressing.”

Patrick Llewellyn, CEO, 99designs

Listen to our interview with Patrick HERE

Guest: Patrick Llewellyn, CEO

Company: 99designs

Industry:  Online Graphic Design 

Headquarters: Oakland, California

Ownership: Privately held

Contact: www.99designs.com  (Twitter) @99designs

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