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The Rise of Clearview Energy: Midmarket Firm’s Advance Fueled Not by Wind, Water or Fossil Fuels, but Information

Dallas — When it comes to commercial businesses and the weather, insurance firms and rock salt makers are known for keeping meteorology top-of-mind. However, when a firm counts 32 weather observation stations in the Northeast alone among its strategic partners – it’s a pretty good bet these days that the professional firm deals in kilowatts. […]

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Three Tales of Analytical Rigor and Business Insight Inside the Middle Market

Oberweis Group, Inc., North Aurora, Ill. Back in 2007, Oberweis Group, Inc., began using analytics software to measure customer retention rates within its dairy home delivery business to isolate the factors that may have contributed to customer attrition. “What we discovered was that by virtue of the way we were promoting the home delivery service, […]

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At BGF, A Quality Lens Often Secures the Key to Growth

For much of its life, BGF Industries, Inc., has thought of itself simply as a weaver — the signature discipline of America’s textile industry that it helped to evolve and advance through most of the last century. The fact that it employs nearly 800 people and operates six facilities in three states says a lot about […]

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Turf, Surf and Data: The Transformative Tale of Twiddy & Company

Once upon a time, mom-and-pop shops dominated the Outer Banks vacation rental market. Most are long gone, but a handful learned to evolve and change as the competitive landscape demanded new skills and extra levels of service. Twiddy & Company is riding a new wave by doubling down on people, process, and software. For Twiddy […]

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