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215: Achieving Your Repeatable Sales Milestone | Dave Kellogg, CEO, Host Analytics

"Right now, we're focused on organic growth. We're pursuing that in North America. We're trying to do it in our core EPM market, which is financial planning, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting. We're not trying to move into adjacent markets. We're not trying to do international. We're trying to do self-funded organic growth, and our intent…
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Staying True to Our Space | Gregg Parise, CEO, Vroozi

Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities when it comes to growing this middle-market firm? “We are supremely focused on defining our product market fit, and that means really defining our customer. And I think it’s very easy, especially when you first start a company, a lot of people, and ours included … […]

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132: Achieving Product Market Fit | Gregg Parise, CEO, Vroozi

In order for a business to be scalable, it must first achieve "product market fit" explains Gregg Parise, who was recently named CEO of Vroozi, a procurement¬†and spend management business that is expected to shortly advance into the ranks of middle-market firms. Join us when Greg explains how cloud computing, mobile technologies, and digital transformations…
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