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Dyre: The Malware of Choice for Middle-Market Fraudsters

One of the latest variants of malware – Dyre (AKA Dyre Wolf or Dyreza) is quickly becoming the malware of choice for fraudsters targeting middle-market businesses

presentation1cccccDyre, which first began appearing on the radar of banks and security researchers toward the end of 2014, has been specifically crafted by cybercriminals to target company banking accounts, as part of schemes to pilfer millions of dollars.

Most often a Dyre attack begins with a focused set of phishing emails; also known as spearphishing. In some instances, the criminals behind Dyre have targeted financial staff of organizations likely to process large wire transactions.

In the latest malware advance, there is an instruction to the victim to call a customer support number. That number connects dialers directly to the cybercriminals who pose as the commercial customer support staff of the bank the victim is trying to access.

To learn how to protect your company from Dyre schemes and other cybercrimes, Middle Market Executive is now inviting its partners to provide you with information resources. Get wise about Dyre: next-generation malware, now available here or inside Middle Market Executive’s Resource Center, is the first in a series of data security resources provided by our partner U.S. Bank.

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