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201: The Itch for Growth | Brett Goldberg, co-CEO, TickPick

Join us when Brett Goldberg, co-CEO and cofounder of upstart ticket reseller TickPick, explains how the middle-market company's appetite for growth must at times be kept in check as the New York City–based firm fine tunes a success formula in which growth is but one of several contributing factors. Guest: Brett Goldberg, co-CEO Company: TickPick…
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070: Growing by the Sea, Clark Twiddy, CEO, Twiddy & Company

Over the years Twiddy & Company has sank some deep roots in the sandy Outer Banks of North Carolina. Established by Doug Twiddy in 1978, the family-owned rental properties business is today led by CEO Clark Twiddy, who shares his father's discerning appetite when it comes to growth.  Join us when Clark explains the complexities…
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IBM’s Middle Man Says Analytics Better Than Sliced Bread When It Comes to Satisfying Growth-Company Appetites

“What’s the last piece of technology to parallel the impact that analytics is having inside lower-middle-market businesses?” This is one of a number of questions we recently posed to Ed Abrams, IBM vice president of marketing for midmarket businesses. His all-confident reply: “I’d say it almost parallels their first website.” While you may not be […]

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As Functional Knowledge Trumps IT Knowledge in the Age of the Cloud, Middle-Market Firms Behold a Flattened World

What was once best left up to the IT department to procure and deploy is now “embedded” in the business, according to Harry Wallaesa, a seasoned business leader whose varied career includes tours of duty as CIO of Campbell Soup Company, president and COO of Safeguard Scientific, and chairman of technology firm Compucom. Middle Market […]

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Turf, Surf and Data: The Transformative Tale of Twiddy & Company

Once upon a time, mom-and-pop shops dominated the Outer Banks vacation rental market. Most are long gone, but a handful learned to evolve and change as the competitive landscape demanded new skills and extra levels of service. Twiddy & Company is riding a new wave by doubling down on people, process, and software. For Twiddy […]

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Analytics Takes a Deep Dive Inside the Bottom Quarter

  It’s no secret that an increasing number of lower-middle-market companies are tapping into the competitive powers of analytics. However, bottom-quarter firms may have to address some unique organizational issues before they are able to properly implement and use analytics to their advantage. We recently caught up with Jundong Song, head of marketing intelligence for 89 Degrees, […]

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