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The Workplace Afterpod | Jerry Hum, CEO, Touch of Modern

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How do you make a great hire?

“I mean, there’s not a lot of science to it. I would say, Just have a very rigorous interview process. So when we interview folks, they come in and they take … they have many, many rounds of interviews. They get interviewed from the top down as well as the bottom up. So anyone who would directly report to them would also interview them as well. Because I think if you bring in anyone on the higher level, typically there are impacts to culture when that happens. So we want to make sure that we preserve the things that you want to preserve and change the things that you want to change.

“Another thing is that for the more entry-level, there are rigorous tests that we have for most departments. I’ll use an example. For us, our production coordinators. We have a team of folks. These are the people who are kind of support staff for the sales team, and they’re kind of like the glue in between them and the folks in creative production and shipping and customer service and all that.

“So they touch a lot of parts of the business. And so even though it’s an entry-level position, they actually go through a pretty rigorous interview process and testing process to make sure that they’re up to the task. And when they come in, they learn a lot very quickly, and they actually often end up transferring to other parts of the business because they touch so many different parts. And they find that as they grow and evolve, that their interests may be … or interests and strengths may suit a different department better. And so that often serves as like an entry point on the entry-level part of our business.” Jerry Hum, CFO, Touch of Modern

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