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The Workplace Afterpod | Alan Rich, CEO, Chrome River

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How do you make a great hire?

One of the things that I’ve tried to instill in the culture of the company is that we want people who are passionate and knowledgeable about product.

So let’s say, on the sales side, we want sales people who don’t just play great games of golf and go to lunch with people, but are knowledgeable in depth about our product, its functionality, and how it’s going to help our customers.

We want that kind of passion about the product from everybody in the organization, from support to implementation to the design team, and we look for that in the interview process. We ask technical questions. We look for people who have shown that kind of knowledge about what they’ve done in the past.

So I think that creating a common vision of what a Chrome River person is has helped our culture a lot.

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