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Three Tech Stars Rise Within the Lone Star State

One Part Media, One Part Technology, RMG Networks Finds Growth in the Mix

garry_mcguire10Plano, Texas — For RMG Networks, the growing availability of WiFi on airplanes was at first a nail-biting experience. Having signed long-term contracts to supply every major airline with advertising for their seatback TVs, RMG Networks understandably looked upon the growing availability of WiFi (via handheld mobile devices) as a potential threat to its flourishing seatback domain.

However, as WiFi availability has flourished over the past two years, RMG’s seatback advertising flows have remained steady. More.

For iTech US, Mobile Ambitions Became Too Much for One Firm

download1Dallas — When it came time to maneuver his technology consulting firm deep into yet another realm of IT development, iTech US CEO Kishore Khandavalli repeated the steps that he had taken multiple times before.

First, he gathered critical research. Second, he made some informed bets as to what types of services his customers would likely want to buy. More.


For Masergy’s MacFarland, Liquidity Falls from the Cloud

ChrisMacFarland1Plano, Texas — When it came to liquidity, Masergy was beginning to appear a bit “long in the tooth,” says Chris MacFarland, commenting on the timing of his arrival at the managed services and cloud communications firm where he now serves as CEO.

Back in the summer of 2008, MacFarland, a company outsider at the time, was asked by Masergy’s then chairman, Royce Holland, to take a hard look at the company, whose original investors were known to be patient yet ever watchful. Of course, a hankering for liquidity among Masergy’s investors should not have been unexpected in light of the 8 years that had passed since Masergy had received its initial swell of funding. More.


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