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Three Business Leaders Keep Their Edge Inside the Empire State

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For Insurance Carrier, Middle America Spreads the Risks as it Deepens the Rewards

DWalsh_webWhite Plains, NY – Being only the fourth person in 70 years to lead Amalgamated Life  of White Plains, New York, David Walsh likes to characterize the company’s latest chapter as the end of the beginning.

What lies ahead, according to Walsh, is an age of geographic growth — one that should pose few hurdles so long as Amalgamated stays true to its mission as it expands its base. Or so Walsh explains.

Yet, that mission even today has a distinctly 20th-century ring to it when you consider one of the firm’s original trademarked taglines: “We are America’s labor insurance company.” It’s perhaps no surprise that Amalgamated Insurance was first established by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America as a means of garnering life insurance benefits for its members. More.

No Building Left Behind: For TMBA, Tenant Education is Driving Next Wave of Energy Optimization

images1-128x150Glen Cove, NY – To say that T. M. Bier & Associates (TMBA) was ahead of its time is not exactly accurate, according to Ted Bier, TMBA’s founder and president. It seems that the engineering practices and control systems that TMBA pioneered to lower the energy usage of office buildings have enjoyed steady demand ever since the mid-1970s.

However, with the nation’s ever growing green-minded workforce and the plus-size inventory of aging office buildings in New York’s tri-state area, it’s safe to say that the 36-year-old firm is entering a new age of growth as its control system offerings find new demand among building owners and operators, as well as their tenants. More

Middle-Market Firm’s Right-Brain Thinking Attracts Well-Heeled Start-Ups

right brainNew York, NY – Listen to Greg Slamowitz talk about his new book Flip the Pyramid, and you might imagine that he’s a leadership guru — that rarefied breed of business thinker tasked with articulating the type of transformational insight that boutique advisory firms often use as hood ornaments.

Certainly, his high-minded organizational insights would appear well suited for snaring top-dollar human capital consulting gigs. Yet Ambrose, the firm Slamowitz cofounded and of which he serves as co-CEO, is what in HR circles is known as a PEO (professional employer organization), a class of companies  known for their templated menus of outsourced HR, benefits, and payroll services. More.

crotty headline july 15

timthumb-150x150As we advance into the second half of 2013, there are growing indications that business sentiment is improving despite nagging unemployment numbers and a shortage of merger-minded CEOs.

Cindy Crotty, middle-market business watcher and head of KeyBank’s commercial banking segment, once more shared with Middle-Market Executive the findings of a KeyBank’s middle-market business sentiment survey, which reveals that merger-minded business leaders remain a minority in 2013. Download report here. 



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