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Blasting Through the Name Recognition Barrier in B2B Sales Prospecting

“Could you please repeat that? You are who and calling about what?” Sound familiar? Having a lack of name recognition is one of the major dilemmas faced by middle market companies. Maybe they’ve never heard of you or they claim to only deal with big, trusted brands.  Of course, we know that our size has […]

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096: When Selling Becomes Your Growth Obstacle | Mike Scher, CEO, Frontline Selling

Finding sales opportunities and closing them are the two biggest growth obstacles businesses face inside the realm of business-to-business (B2B) selling, says Mike Scher, CEO of Atlanta-based Frontline Selling. Join us when Mike explains how helping companies find B2B selling opportunities propelled Frontline Selling into the ranks of middle-market firms as the company enhanced its offerings…
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