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Phil Rooke: Growth Equals Simplicity and Employee Empowerment at Spreadshirt

Thought Leader Debrief Phil Rooke is the CEO of Spreadshirt, a multinational, German-based middle-market company that designs self-expression t-shirts and captures more than $100 million in annual income. Rooke joined the company in 2009 and became CEO in 2011. Since 2009, the company has tripled in size. Rooke recently told our middle-market listening audience that […]

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180: How Employee Empowerment Is Fueling the Rise of a Self-Expression Juggernaut | Phil Rooke, CEO, Spreadshirt

In the beginning, it was about T-shirts and a design-your-own website. Today, Spreadshirt, based in Berlin, Germany, is a $100 million business commonly classified as a self-expression global e-commerce company. Join us when Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke explores the offerings that allowed¬†Spreadshirt to triple its size and the employee empowerment discipline that he's adopted to…
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