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229: Monster’s Midmarket Climb | Scott Gutz, CEO, Monster Worldwide

An Appetite for M&A "We're actively looking at partners that can help us advance in categories that we think are strategic and important ... and to find organizations that are doing things that are compelling enough that we want to own that technology asset or we want to be have that group of people operate…
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105: Making Talent a Strategic Advantage | Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners

As companies grow and advance beyond their entrepreneurial roots talent often becomes a major growth hurdle for companies that must steadily enhance their talent best practices if they are going to meet the demands of an expanding workforce. Join us when Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners, explains how talent became the primary path for opening a…
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Aligning Human Capital with Strategic Goals , Tom FitzSimmons, CFO, TMP Worldwide

Tom Fitzsimmons, TMP Worldwide CFO, returns to discuss how finance leaders need to realign their company costs to better reflect the changing competitive environment and reallocate human capital resources to areas that offer the highest long-term growth opportunities. In 2014, the Human Capital discussion is expected to gain new momentum across our CFO Thought Leader […]

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Retailer’s CFO Discusses the ROI of Hefty Benefits

    Chad Jensen, CFO, The Cellular Connection, Carmel, Indiana

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Finance and the Cloud: Mitch Peipert, CFO, Thomas Publishing, New York, New York

As it has for many middle-market firms, the fluctuating economy has made Thomas Publishing of New York City ever savvier when it comes to leveraging technology to reduce costs. Thomas Publishing CFO Mitch Peipert explains how the 115-year-old middle-market firm has embraced cloud computing and how finance has today migrated to the outer edges of the firm’s […]

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How Finance is Empowering HR at Thomas Publishing

    Mitch Peipert, CFO, Thomas Publishing

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