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119: Eyes on China | Three U.S. Business Leaders Reflect on Their Chinese Market Ambitions

  Todd Krizelman, CEO, MediaRadar  Join us when Todd Krizelman, CEO, MediaRadar explains how media sales became a gateway to growth for his middle=market firm.  Don Ochsenreiter, CEO, Dollamur Join us as Don Ochsenreiter, CEO, Dollamur  explains how a middle-market manufacturer of laminated foam pads became the dominant player inside the global sports surfaces market. Anisa Telwar, CEO,…
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078: Lessening the Overseas Bite for American Manufacturers, Mark Dohnalek, CEO, Pivot International

The pitch is simple: Maximize your Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for new product development. However, the global supply chain behind the pitch is anything but simple.  Join us when Mark Dohnalek CEO, Pivot International explains why his manufacturing design firm has an edge few other middle market firms can match.
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Midmarket CFO Discussing Market Indicators For China

    Sherry Buck, CFO of Libbey, Inc.

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Making China Your Manufacturing Hub: Anisa Telwar, CEO, Anisa International, Atlanta, Georgia

Building a factory in China is a task that the world’s largest corporations approach with no shortage of trepidation. From suspect building materials to organized corruption, when it comes to construction in a foreign land, there seems to be any number of unexpected hurdles waiting to trip up even the most seasoned global executives. So […]

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