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Middle-Market Executive’s 2013 Top Ranked Videos


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Clark and Ross Twiddy, Owners of Twiddy & Company,

Outer Banks, NC

Once upon a time, mom-and-pop shops dominated the Outer Banks vacation rental market. Most are long gone, but a handful learned to 
evolve and change as the competitive landscape demanded new skills and extra levels of service. Twiddy & Company is riding a new wave by doubling down on people, process, and software. More. 

Grabbed Frame 134Making China Your Manufacturing Hub: Anisa Telwar, CEO, Anisa International, Atlanta, Georgia

Building a factory in China is a task that the world’s largest corporations approach with no shortage of trepidation. From suspect building materials to organized corruption, when it comes to construction in a foreign land, there seems to be any number of unexpected hurdles waiting to trip up even the most seasoned global executives. More.

Grabbed Frame 1Mike McClernon CEO of SmartSource, Hauppauge, NY

SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals appears to have read the technology tea leaves well, beginning with a name change in 2007 (from Rent-a-PC), the same year the Kirtland Capital Partners, a private equity firm located in Cleveland, OH, acquired a majority interest in the firm. More.

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